SBCA Board Plays Trivia Night!

On Thursday evening, August 13, members of the SBCA board had a blast playing along with the Long Branch Business League’s monthly Zoom trivia night. Board member Kent Sovine is the business liason for the SBCA board and he organized our team.

I’m working on getting a Zoom photo of all the participants and I’ll add it here if I can get it.

Our first time out as a new team and we took 3rd place out of 12 teams. We had a total of 38 points!

Round 1: Nerd stuff 5 points out of 10
Round 2: Sports 8 points out of 10
Round 3: Norway 7 points out of 10
Round 4: Great Outdoors 8 points of 10
Round 5: Spices 9 out of 11 (bonus point last question)
The game host for trivia night Max Johansen and he keeps a good patter going throughout the event.
We all met in a large group to hear all the questions and then our individual teams met in Zoom breakout rooms to discuss. Cecilia Sepp was the team scribe who recorded all our answers and submitted them to the host. Our team had a diverse knowledge so we each had a chance to excel in a category.
The next Long Branch Trivia night is Thursday Sept 10 at 7 pm. You are asked to buy some takeout from one of the participating restaurants and then log in to join the fun. The slogan for the event is
“Order carry-out or delivery; RSVP at; Play with your local community; SAVE our local small businesses.”
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2019 Chili Cook-Off and Cornbread Bake-Off

'Our chili cook-off is coming soon on Sunday October 21 from 1-4 pm! We have a special guest for the kids, Kazoo the Balloon Man, who will provide entertainment for two hours, twisting balloon figures for everyone! 

Plus we'll have some fabulous chili and cornbread to judge!  Sudip, last years champion will be returning with a venison version of his Texas chili and we have many new competitors too. 

Just like last year we'll have some yard games like Corn Hole, and Yard Yahtzee, as well as tables and coloring books. And you will have lots of neighbors to meet. We encourage you to bring a dish to share, a chair for sitting, and maybe a favorite beverage. We'll have some bottled water and some beer too.

It is legal to drink alcohol within the block party area during the time of the permit. And don't forget the Halloween Parade the following weekend!'We’re gearing up for this year’s event! This event has been very popular and we hope you can make it and bring your neighbors along.

SBCA Chili Cook-Off and Cornbread Bake-Off
Saturday September 28
Block of 112 E Schuyler Rd
Raindate Sept 29.
We are looking for our cooks and bakers to want to see if they  can win the title of best chili chef or cornbread baker in SBCA! Please email me with your name and type of chili you want to make. We’ll follow up with more details.
We accept all types of chili – beef, poultry, vegetarian, vegan – bring us your best!!
More details to follow and we’ll be looking for folks to help us run the event.
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Urban Homesteading Tour

On Saturday, July 20 from 11am to 3 pm, SBCA experienced the first urban homesteading garden tour. Despite the unrelenting heat, we had a great turnout and everyone reported an enjoyable time. We had 7 sites on the tour, with 6 homesteading sites and a bonus art open house added. The goal of the tour was to share the many ways our residents are implementing parts of urban homesteading and to inspire others to make their own efforts at their homes. New board member, Andrew Manning, created the linked map.

This event was an SBCA fundraiser and we sold more than 20 tickets for adults and children, and raised $80 to sponsor our new neighborhood signs. The new community logo is on these 20 new signs and is the header logo for our blog.

The general consensus was that this was a great event and that we should plan more in the future. The next event will likely be earlier in the season when the weather is more pleasant and we can see these gardens at an earlier phase.

Our seven tour hosts were very generous with their time and their homes and we want to thank them very much!

Lisa Helfert and Kent Sovine: Lisa and Kent’s site includes a vegetable and herb garden, compost, and they dry herbs, freeze veggies and gather flower seeds to reseed. Lida and Kent also an installed rainwater management drainage that manages water from the yard and neighbors’ yards.

Becky Lavash and Scott Garrison:  Becky and Scott have been in their house for 20 years. They added a vegetable and herb garden and many plants to feed and enourage local pollinators and birds. In this yard no herbicides or pesticides are used and praying mantises thrive. The yard has two compost sites where Becky and Scott manage their kitchen waste. A recently installed bat house waits for resident bats.

Annie and Josh Tulkin: The Tulkins have a vegetable garden in raised beds and bees hosted for a local beekeeper. Annie and Josh shared some pickled items and infused water. The Tulkins also have a Little Free Library, and a bat house.

tulkins garden

ferrante chickens


Elisa Ferrante:  Enjoy the big vegetable garden by that giant old oak and a coop with seven friendly hens

Miriam Yarmolinski and Bob Devine:  Miriam and Bob inherited a house with many perennials from the previous owners and are starting to add a food garden in the sunny front yard. They have tomato plants, basil, marigold companion plants, in-ground (raised bed) as well as 2 tomatoes in earth box. The earthbox plants got a head start this year but in-ground plants caught up quickly.





Wadad Al Salmi and Masashi Waga: Wadad and Masashi have an ambitious operation Wadad4on their site, including three composting systems, two chickens, four beehives, extensive vegetable garden (canning, freezing and drying), Fruits: (plum tree, apple tree, 4 in 1 pear tree, 3 fig trees, hardy kiwi, grape, raspberry bush, blackberry bush, currants (red, black and white), 7 blueberry bushes), Greenhouse/shed.

Wadad offered several tastings including honey, homemade yogurt, jam, and pickles.

Shirley Storms (Bonus Art Site) : Shirley is one of our local artists and had an open house on the same weekend as our tour. Betty does collages with ink, beads, and other objects. Her works are very lovely and deserve your attention. Watch for other notices of her open house on our listserv.

We have two more events this year – the Chili Cook-Off and the Halloween Parade. We hope you can join in for these events. Watch this page, the listserv, and Facebook group for more information in the coming month




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Re-Starting the Blog!

After too much time away, we are re-starting the SBCA blog. In the coming months we will start posting stories here to share information and events in our community.

Stay tuned! You can follow the blog so that you get emails when we post new stories. We have already updated most of the links at the top of the page to reflect the most current information about police, county services, board members, etc.

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SBCA asks the Purple Line Transit Partners and MD DOT to delay the closure of Arliss Street until certain conditions are met.

At the October 30 CAT meeting at Oakview Elementary School, Sligobranview Community Association (SBCA) and other groups within the SBCA area asked the Purple Line Transit Partners and MD DOT to delay the closure of Arliss Street in front of the Arliss Street Townhouses until certain conditions are met. This article describes those conditions.

The current plan from the Purple Line Transit Partners (PLTP) and MD DOT is to close Arliss Street from Flower Avenue to Wayne Avenue on November 6. At the October 30 CAT meeting with PLTP and MD DOT we did not get an answer if our request for the delay will be honored but we hope to hear back soon.

We are not expressing resistance to the Purple Line in general. We are requesting that the PLTP and MD DOT work with us to ensure the construction process is endurable for our residents.

We have met with representatives from the county and state, including County CouncilmanTom Hucker, State Delegates David Moon and Jhanelle Wikins, and State Senator  William Smith to ask for help in our requests. We have other requests to the PLTP and MD DOT but this request is pressing because of the Nov 6 timeline.

We asked for this delay for several reasons:


We have long standing parking concerns in SBCA, especially near Arliss and Manchester Roads. Closing Arliss Street would exacerbate the parking problems by displacing vehicles from the Flower Branch apartments, many of them large work trucks, and the vehicles of some residents of the Arliss Townhouses.

  • The Townhouses have reached an agreement, worked out over several years, to have the state pay for changes to the shared parking lot in front of the townhouses to enable all residents to park in the lot and to address the loss of the Arliss Street entrance. However, the state has not yet provided the funds for this lot renovation. Without the funds, the townhouse residents can not start a contract for the work. At this time, even if the check arrived tomorrow, this work can not be completed in time for a Nov 6 closure date. During the renovation, no residents can park in the townhouse lot, so the parking issue will be made worse for a time. The townhouse residents will have to seek parking in the residential area.

  • On street parking near Arliss and Manchester. We may have other streets with these issues, but I am not able to list them. Please let me know if we have other streets with this concern. Flower Branch apartments does not provide sufficient parking for all its residents so the residents park where they can. Parking places include the library, Arliss Street, and residential streets, especially along Walden near Arliss and Plymouth. This on-street parking makes these roads effectively one-way. Residents on Plymouth Street have been trying for nearly two years to get a parking permit system enabled for the area to no avail. Closing Arliss will cause the apartment residents to seek more parking in this residential area

  • Streets near Manchester. I do not know details of this parking situation but will be trying to learn more in the coming weeks. The other end of the tunnel is on Wayne at Sligo Creek so more parking will no doubt be blocked.

  • General concerns about parking in SBCA during construction. We understand that the contractors (also called Concessionaires) for the PL are restricted from parking in the neighborhood. We will need enforcement of that rule.

    Plymouth Avenue detour

  • Signs indicating that Flower Avenue traffic should detour onto the eastern part of Plymouth Street to access Arliss Street have been posted for over a month, covered with black hoods. With the closure of Arliss Street in front of the townhouses, the only entrance to the Giant shopping center will be on the Arliss Street in front of the Flower Branch apartments. This will mean that most drivers going south on Flower Avenue, a state road marked with a yellow line and traffic lights, will cut through on Plymouth and Walden. Plymouth Street has no sidewalks and few driveways. Residents of all of SBCA walk in the street to walk dogs, to walk to the Giant, and kids walk to school on Walden from Flower Branch apartments. The cars lining both of those streets make those streets effectively one-way. And referring to the parking issues mentioned above, cars parked on this street parking are going to get more dense and cover longer parts of the streets.


  • We have raised this issue of the detour signs and have no satisfactory answer from PLTP or MD DOT. We had denials that these signs existed for several weeks and PLTP only admitted the signs were posted on October 30. This detour is not shown on any of the maps that were shared on Oct 30 to the CAT.

    Giant Shopping Center Access

    First some background. Giant and the other shops lease from a Real Estate group (American something something). The Giant store managers are concerned about access but have no control over how that will happen. The PLTP and MD DOT say the real estate company that holds the property has been unresponsive.

    • Right now the only access to Giant SS is from Arliss in front of Flower Branch. The PLTP and MD DOT have been promising that they will make a new access road to the SS from Flower Avenue that cuts through the parking lot on the Southeast corner of Flower and Arliss. This is not yet built nor is there any timetable for it to start or be finished.  Our position is that this entrance must be completed before Arliss Street can be closed. The State must work harder to reach an agreement with the real estate company.

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Oct 24 Community Meeting Set Oakview ES at 7:30 pm

We have commitment from State Senator in Annapolis, Will Smith to speak at our community meeting on Oct 24. Several members of the board are meeting with Senator Smith in advance our of meeting to share our concerns about Purple Line communications and concerns. Although Rep David Moon can not attend our Oct 24 meeting, we will also meet with him to share the same concerns nrct week. Please email if you have questions or concerns so we can track them.

Based on interest in attending, we may need a larger venue for the meeting. If know you plan to attend, please email

We currently plan to meet in Oakview Elementary School at 7:30 pm. Look for signs when you enter the school. Please arrive early so we can start on time.

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October 24 SBCA Meeting is Shaping Up

We are working with our Md State Senator William Smith to have him speak at our October 24 meeting. In preparation for that meeting, we are providing him with a list of many of our concerns about the Purple Line, including the lack of communication with our community and nearby commmunities. Delegate David Moon is willing to meet with our Transportation Committee at another date since he is not available on Oct 24.

We hope this will be a productive meeting and that our representatives in Annapolis can help us keep our community a good place to live!

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Halloween Parade is Soon on Oct 29

Voluteers Needed!

Hello Neighbors! A reminder that our annual Halloween Parade and Party in the park is on Sunday, October 29, 2 pm – 4 pm. Please let Cecilia Sepp know if you would like to volunteer to help! We need flyers distributed and posted, treats for the party, and volunteers onsite to keep things organized. Please note that the streets from Upper Long Branch Park at Hamilton along Mintwood to Wilmer, and down Wilmer back to the park will be closed during the event for the parade. Thanks, and see you there! You can reach Cecilia via phone/text at 301-346-9656 or email at You can also reach Cecilia in the Facebook group.

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SBCA Slate and New ByLaws


Due to the bad weather and school closings our meeting is cancelled for this evening. However, our next meeting is only 3 weeks out due to schedule restrictions. In tonight’s meeting, we planned to present the following administrative changes:

  • Executive Board Slate for the upcoming year
  • Our revised bylaws

Since we are not meeting, I will share this information here, on our listserv, and Facebook group.

For the coming year, the slate is:

  • President:  Becky Lavash
  • Vice President:  Leila Whiting
  • Recording secretary: Carol Petrucci
  • Corresponding secretary: Felicia Prospere
  • Treasurer:  Brett Rouillier
  • Trustees: Stephen Kendrick and Regina Thompson

We are excited to have a new face in the group – Felicia Prospene a long time resident from the Flower Branch Apartments. One of our goals this year is community outreach and we are glad to make this strong start.

If you have any nominees that your would like to put forward as an alternative to the slate shared here, you may do so in an email or by reaching out directly to the current board members. Refer to the bylaws for more rules on voting.

Our bylaws require that we revise and update the bylaws on a regular basis. We were a bit late in this revision but we have a new version that was shared to all on the listerv as a PDF. Please read through and let us know your comments. A significant change is a term limit clause to ensure we get good community representation on the Executive Board.

In addition to all this we are seeking people who want to engage in ways other than joining the executive board. We have talked to some people about working on the community blog, writing articles for the blog, special committees such as Transportation Issues (Purple Line, BRT, etc).

If you have an interest in helping your community please reach out to any of the board members to express your interest. You can see the list of current members and their contact info on the SBCA blog here:

Stay safe and warm!

SBCA Executive Board

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SBCA Community Meeting Tuesday March 14 at Oakview ES at 7:30 pm

At this month’s SBCA meeting scheduled for next Tuesday March 14 we will be talking about the community association and what you would like to see us do for you. We will be meeting at Oak View Elementary School from 7:30-9 as usual. Please look for signs or helpful people who will be stationed near the door to help you get to the correct room.

The agenda will be:

1. Introduction of current Board Members

2. Presentation of the slate of Board Members for the coming year. You will be asked to nominate board alternatives if you have some at this meeting. At the April meeting, you will be asked for your vote on this list of nominees.

3. Discussion of what the board does and is required to do.

4. Presentation of revised bylaws and discussion.

5. Open brain storming session for what you would like to see the board do in the coming year.

We hope that you can attend and join in this discussion. We want to be sure we are providing you with meeting topics that interest you and that affect your life, help build community, and address the needs for interacting with local government 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Becky Lavash
President SBCA

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